Why metal water bottles are better than plastic bottles?

Everyone needs a water bottle for school, college, travel, outing, etc. But is the kind of water bottle one should have? Should it be a metal water bottle or a plastic one? Metal water bottles are better than plastic bottles for these reasons.

Reasons why metal water bottles are better than plastic bottles

1. Metal water bottles are safe for health while plastic bottles are not

Plastic water bottles are made of a chemical commonly termed as BPA or Bisphenol-A.  This raw material for these plastic water bottles can be toxic. It seeps into the water contained in the bottle, causing many diseases like  Diabetes, obesity, high BP, and cancer, etc. People avoid using plastic water bottles as they are unsafe and unhealthy.

Metal water bottles do not contain any harmful chemicals like plastic. They are made of steel which can be easily disposed of and recycled. Unlike plastic, metal water bottles do not contain any BPA and are hence safe to use for good health.

2. Metal water bottles are eco-friendly

Many toxic chemicals are released into the air and water while manufacturing plastic water bottles. These chemicals pollute air and water, harming the earth. So,  manufacturing plastic water bottles poses a threat to the environment. But metal water bottles are manufactured without any such dangers. 

Another fact about plastic water bottles is they are non-biodegradable. They do not get decomposed even when burnt.  Instead, they make huge landfills polluting the earth. But metal water bottles are biodegradable. They can be recycled easily and cause no threat to the environment.  That is why metal water bottles are the eco-friendly choice for us all today.

3. Metal water bottles are free from odor or taste

When you use plastic water bottles, you find a chemical odor or taste arising from them. But not with metal water bottles. Metal water bottles do not have any odor and can be used repeatedly in a safe manner.

4. Metal water bottles can retain the temperature of their drink for a long time

Metals have the capacity to retain the temperature for a while. That is why meal water bottles are preferred to hold hot liquids and cold drinks. Plastics, on the other hand,  are unfit to hold hot drinks. They may melt if the liquid is too hot. Nor can they retain the temperature of the liquid for a long time.

5. Metal water bottles are long-lasting and durable

Plastic water bottles can easily break or get crushed. Metal water bottles are durable and last for years.

6. Metal water bottles can be maintained easily

Metal water bottles can be easily washed and cleaned. They can be washed in a dishwasher too. Some plastic water bottles cannot be used in the dishwasher as they cannot withstand its heat.

Points to bear in mind while buying metal water bottles.

You have decided to buy a metal water bottle. So, buy a good one bearing these points in mind.

1. Make sure the metal water bottle is made from the finest grade metal. For instance, in some steel water bottles, the steel rusts after prolonged use. This happens only if the bottle is of poor quality. If the metal water bottle is of the best quality, its metal will not rust or peel.

2. Buy your metal water bottle from a reliable supplier. Only good suppliers will give metal water bottles that are solid, sturdy, and durable.

Keep a metal water bottle by your side always to hold your favorite hot or cold drink. It helps you remain safe and healthy at all times.

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